Right from the beginning Kilian Kerner has been famous for using live music during his fashion shows in order to express the visions and emotions mirrored in his collections. The first joint performance with a band took place in January 2005: The Berlin band Bad Habits played live while the designs of Kilian Kerner were being presented on the runway. For the Autumn/Winter 06/07 collection “Marie Louise and Luka Benedikt”,
Kilian could entice the band Splinter X to play for him. Due to the big success of this performance, the designer decided to initiate the project “Fashion and Music”. It was then that Kilian Kerner started to write his own lyrics to clearly transport the message of his collections to the audience. The music is always arranged by changing artists who do not only compose but also perform the final piece as the introductory song of the show.
The first song created for a Kilian Kerner show was called “I am” – written in cooperation with Ben Ivory, the singer of Splinter X, and meant to accompany the designer’s fifth collection. Deepening the project “Fashion and Music”, this first cooperation was followed by three further songs and five successful fashion shows. After three years of mutual inspiration, the perfect teamwork climaxed in the presentation of
the Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 collection. The Spring/Summer 2010 and Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 shows were accompanied by the music of Mor La Peach. During the Spring/Summer 2011 season Ben Ivory returned to the “Fashion & Music” project by creating the song “Fly to the Moon (And don ́t go away)” in collaboration with Kilian Kerner. In return, the designer became Ben Ivory’s art director for the video concept of
the singer’s first solo single “Strobelights”. The clip premiered on Vogue.com.
The Autumn/Winter 2011/12 presentation was opened by the Berlin based band Tunes of Dawn. The dark, hard but still romantic rock song “Lie beside me” was exclusively written for the show and complemented the project with a new and unusual sound.
Collaborating with the Danish singer and
songwriter Mads Langer during two seasons Kilian Kerner succeeded in including further highlights in the “Fashion and Music” project. “I feel very honoured having the chance to work with an artist like Mads Langer. To me he is one of the greatest singers ever. Mads is very unique in expressing really deep emotions on stage. And this is what it is all about”, states the designer. After performing the songs “Some- where else” and “If one truly
loves” – both written in cooperation with Kilian Kerner – the fashion show was accompanied with Mads Langer’s own music – mostly taken from his album “Behold”.
For the spring/summer 2013 season, Kilian Kerner worked again with Ben Ivory.
For the 10 year anniversary, Kilian Kerner worked for the second time along with the Berlin band Tunes of Dawn. The collaboration resulted in
the soulful ballad “Tell me your name”.

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